S O M A T E X T S // Ongoing
image: Rachel Wallace

SOMATEXTS is an investigation into ways to dissolve the boundaries between reading and moving. Drawing upon a variety of somatic, creative, and theoretical traditions, this work explores somatic pathways of understanding through processes designed to divert habitual pathways of comprehension, reason, explanation, and reflection, and to disrupt the stasis and slouching that often accompanies these processes. We pose, process, postulate, translate, tangle, and transform through questions such as: How can we inhabit a text? How might we move with and be moved by the words we study? And, how might these movements themselves become both methods and objects of study?

The first series of SOMATEXTS workshops took place in Montreal (Fall 2018)
Stay tuned for the next series beginning February 2019!

For more information about this project, or for booking inquiries, email somatexts[at]gmail[dot]com.

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